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Kansas Bankruptcy Court
Provide tax returns at least 7 days before 341.
Always file payment advices with the Petition.
Make sure 1st payment is made within 30 days of filing.
Give debtors a copy of 341 letter in advance of filing
Encourage employer pay orders.
Checks, money orders cash.
24/7 drop box for payments at our office.
Use our docket info in advance of hearing dates.
There is now a mandatory form Chapter 13 plan. 
See Standing Order 11-3.
Send ALL orders to orders @
We must approve all orders submitted to the Court.
Exhibits A & B to
If the debtor is in default of obligations under the note and mortgage on the debtor's principal residence, LBR 3015(b)(2) that debtor must be must comply with LBR 3015(b)(2).
See Standing Order 11-3.
Send tax returns to
We can help you pre calculate your plan before filing.
Review Judge Karlin's fee guidelines and follow them.
Always provide info as to how tax refund was spent.
Provide picture ID and social security card @ 341 Meeting.
"Discount Rate" is the rate for non real estate secured debt.
To strip a lien, file a motion.  The plan is not enough.
"Buying" a preference?  Need waiver of time periods.
The Plan is a contract...treat it as such.
Always notify us of settlements and cancelled hearings.
Read our Annual Reports and Final Accounts.
Advise clients about National Data Center.
Always look at "Best Interest of Creditors' Test".
Keep up to date on Kansas case law updates.
See our summaries of Kansas and 10th Circuit cases
Standing Order 10-2 requires the approved Plan form.
Join the Topeka Area Bankruptcy Council.

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